Developmental Disabilities Consulting Program
191 Portsmouth Avenue
Kingston, ON K7M 8A6


Program Description

Developmental Disabilities Consulting Program (DDCP)



The Developmental Disabilities Consulting Program (DDCP) is a specialized, interprofessional service and teaching program dedicated to the provision of optimal health and mental healthcare for children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.   Individuals with developmental disabilities are known to have higher rates of physical and mental health concerns (also known as "Dual Diagnosis") and atypical presentations of illness.  Certain conditions commonly occurring in these individuals differ from the general population and families and caregivers often rely on specialized professionals for information and guidance. 


Our Goals  


DDCP has two main goals.  The first goal is to support healthcare providers, caregivers and families through specialized clinical consulting services. 


The second, is clinical education and the commitment to teaching students and caregivers by enhancing community capacity through the use of regional clinics as training opportunities for each of the relevant professional disciplines and care providers.  



Service Provision


DDCP receives referrals for children and adults with developmental disabilities and/or individuals with autism spectrum disorders in Southeastern Ontario.  Referrals are reviewed by the team to assess the presenting need and coordinate the relevant team members as required.  The services provided by DDCP are described below. 



Referral Process  


Physicians who wish to obtain consulting services from DDCP can refer by fax to 613-549-7387.   


Families and caregivers can contact DDCP at 613-549-7944 or click here for our Referral Form  and fax to the number noted above; you can type information directly onto the form, save a copy for your records and fax to DDCP.


NB: Referral for psychiatry must be accompanied by a physician referral for billing purposes.



Team Members  


DDCP’s interprofessional team includes disciplines that are essential to the management of comprehensive healthcare for persons with developmental disabilities and their families. 


Psychiatry – for identification and management of “dual diagnosis” patients  (people with a developmental disability, autism spectrum disorder and co-morbid mental health problems)


Clinical Psychology – for psychological consultation, diagnostic assessment, school liaison, behavior management and psychotherapy


Social Work - for comprehensive history gathering, intake assessment and navigation of the relevant developmental and social services



Occupational Therapy –  for promoting independence in self-care, leisure and skill development and family/caregiver education